Tuesday, July 1, 2008

SDLX: The number of segments in the TTX and original ITD files does not match

The number of segments in the TTX and original ITD files does not match, is what kept haunting me today. I kept receiving this irritating error message while harvesting TagEditor files (TTX) back to SDLX files (ITD). Weeks ago, I was trying to convert a huge Excel file (XLS) to TTX format. TagEditor, however, did not give any errors and exited automatically without converting the file successfully. That's the reason why I chose SDLX to perform the conversion task instead.
After examining the TTX file, I suspect that error arises due to the segmentation settings used in the TagEditor file. For Excel's TagEditor file created by the SDLX Exchange, I guess we have to make sure that it is translated using the paragraph segmentation (column) instead of the regular sentence segmentation. So I did some testing and make sure that all the entries in the TTX file are paragraph segmented and use the SDLX exchange to perform the conversion again. This time it actually works.... *Sigh* it is actually sucks when I have to make sure that the segmentation is correct before I could get the conversion done properly without errors... Why can't SDLX exchange handle all that for me? :(

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm having troubles with a sdlx file (splitting the .itd file into smaller parts), can you help me?