Monday, June 23, 2008

Trados: Analyze and process all files in the folder, as well as, sub-folders

One of the tools, I used very frequently to do analysis, pre- and post-engineering of files is Trados. Usually, to process files in Trados Workbench, I would use Windows Explorer to open the folder containing all the materials. I would, then drag and drop them into the Trados Workbench to analyze, pre- or post-process the files. Although this is one of the commonly used methods, it is not very efficient if the working folder contains sub-folders. Windows Explorer is unable to display all the files that reside in the sub-folders in one go; and it is very troublesome and "dangerous" to access each sub-folders at a time to add the files, especially when you missed out some files.

I start to explore and try some shortcuts that allow me to perform the same process in one go. One of the methods that I use very frequently now is to use the search command in the Windows Explorer. You have to point to the particular working folder that contains all the files to perform a search. The results of the search command will includes all the working files in the folder, as well as, the sub-folders. You can simply select and drag all the files into Trados Workbench to process the files. This will save up lots of time required for manually add and process the files.

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